Why I’m Excited About Machine Learning and Joining LiftIgniter

by Jason

The End of Bento After struggling all of last year to get Bento to profitability, we were finally able to hit breakeven in October and November. Despite being “profitable”, funds were extremely tight. I wasn’t able to pay myself a sustainable salary, and growing further was not going to be easy. In December, I decided […]

How I Closed Our $1.5M Seed Round As a First-Time Founder

by Jason”

This past June, Bento officially announced our seed round of $1.5M. In the following, I’ll discuss what worked, what didn’t work, dissect the round, and offer advice if you’re planning on going through the process. It wasn’t easy. 10 Weeks of 100% Rejection As part of the LAUNCH Incubator, we raised a pre-launch round of […]

Bento: Founded, Incubated & Launched!

by Jason[/embed]

Last Monday, March 4th I officially debuted Bento at the LAUNCH Festival. It was quite a journey to get here and there are multiple stories to tell, but in the following post I’m focusing on the experience going through Jason Calacanis‘ first LAUNCH Incubator.