Eight Pieces of Advice I Wish I Knew Before Becoming a Dad

by Jason -- November 30, 2017

Life update! Immediately following our year living in Seoul, Sharon and I decided to start a family. In fact, our oldest daughter, Jerah, was conceived in Seoul.

Fast forward a few years and Jerah is now 5 and has a younger sister, Adlyn, who is 2. Another, very different, adventure for Sharon and I!

I was recently reflecting on being a Dad because a good set of friends became pregnant. I don’t see these friends often, but got to spend a weekend with the husband at a bachelor party. After a night of moderate drinking, he started asking questions about what he should read to help him prepare for fatherhood. I unfortunately had zero helpful answers, but it did make me think through the things I wish someone had told me before having kids.

With that, here’s what I came up with —

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Why I’m Excited About Machine Learning and Joining LiftIgniter

by Jason -- February 23, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 7.26.49 AM

The End of Bento

After struggling all of last year to get Bento to profitability, we were finally able to hit breakeven in October and November. Despite being “profitable”, funds were extremely tight. I wasn’t able to pay myself a sustainable salary, and growing further was not going to be easy. In December, I decided it was time to close it down. You can read more about the closing on the Bento blog.

A New Beginning

This past week I was excited to have accepted a sales position with LiftIgniter, a personalization service powered by machine learning. We power the “Recommended For You” sections on media sites and “You Might Also Like” sections on eCommerce sites. I’ll be doing sales, and I am their first hire on the business side.

I had explored a few options to stay in food, but ultimately decided to take a break from that industry for a few years. For now, I am excited to jump into something totally different.

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How I Closed Our $1.5M Seed Round As a First-Time Founder

by Jason -- November 19, 2015


This past June, Bento officially announced our seed round of $1.5M. In the following, I’ll discuss what worked, what didn’t work, dissect the round, and offer advice if you’re planning on going through the process. It wasn’t easy.

10 Weeks of 100% Rejection

As part of the LAUNCH Incubator, we raised a pre-launch round of $250K in February. The money was intended to only last 3–4 months. So, by June, we needed to have more money in the bank.

We launched on-stage at the LAUNCH Festival, opened our delivery doors and began actively raising our seed round. Investors were immediately interested. However, what I expected to be a four-week process ended up being 10 weeks of 100% rejection.

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Bento: Founded, Incubated & Launched!

by Jason -- March 14, 2015


Last Monday, March 4th I officially debuted Bento at the LAUNCH Festival. It was quite a journey to get here and there are multiple stories to tell, but in the following post I’m focusing on the experience going through Jason Calacanis‘ first LAUNCH Incubator.

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Searching for a good business idea? Tell your friends!

by Jason -- October 27, 2014


A common challenge amongst aspiring entrepreneurs is “I don’t have a good idea”. In the following, I’ll discuss my process of searching for business ideas and the tremendous value of being public about my search.

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WeShip Post-mortem

by Jason -- October 15, 2014


Six months ago I wrote about a new business idea — WeShip. I’ve now fully explored the business, tested assumptions, and talked with potential customers & partners. I wrapped-up this process in early August and decided this wasn’t a business I would pursue. In this post I’ll provide my final steps and why I decided to shelve the business.

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The Entrepreneur Journey Heats Up

by Jason -- July 9, 2014


Two weeks ago I told my boss and the rest of the LAUNCH team that it’s time to move on to something else. I don’t have a definitive plan on what’s coming next (scary!), but my goal with the change is to become a Founder again.

Thankfully, my boss and colleagues have been extremely supportive. My boss has offered to help brainstorm ideas and potentially invest in the company. It’s an exciting opportunity that I’m trying to take advantage of, and this post will be an update on how things have been going and my process to explore different problems. Continue Reading

Vetting a New Business Idea in Public: WeShip

by Jason -- April 3, 2014


I’ve been thinking about this business idea for a couple years now. Reading a recent interview with Marc Andreessen spurred me to start looking into it further (more on that below).

For my first step I’ve decided to share my thought process and get your feedback.

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Unanchor Semi-Annual 2-Day Sale — FREE Travel Guides Thursday & Friday Only!

by Jason -- November 14, 2013

Every few months we run a big sale on Unanchor.com and it’s time again for another! Starting today (November 14) through Friday (November 15), we have 149 Unanchor Amazon Kindle travel guides available for FREE! See below for direct links to every guide.

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How to Return to the Entrepreneur Path?

by Jason -- September 25, 2013


My ultimate goal is to start a company and work for myself. I’ve tried it once. It was awesome. It wasn’t necessarily successful, but I definitely know that’s the path for me.

The question I’ve been grappling a lot with lately is how do I get there again?

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