-ENTER- Sharon Duckworth…


I was born and raised in Sacramento, California, and although that sounds like a barrel full of excitement in itself (sorry mom and dad, I loved Folsom but there’s nothing there!) I always knew I wanted to get out.  After twelve boring and cliché stimulating years of public school in white suburbia, I made the move to beautiful Santa Cruz for four years of school at the University.  Looking back on the transition from high school to college, I can resolutely say that I did a LOT of growing and maturing during those years of learning how to be on my own and finally living around people who did not look like Jessica Simpson.  (No offense to people who look like her, because I’m secretly jealous if you do).  I met people who had traveled and also people who dreamed of traveling in the near future.  I had not thought about traveling myself until I met those people, so thank you whoever you are.

In between college and now, I have worked at an IT consulting firm, a children’s motor-skill fitness gym, a venture capital firm, and a commercial property management company.  It is true that up until recently I had not been certain as to what my “passion” for a career was, but after working at The Little Gym for almost two years I became convinced that I was born to work with children.  Whether that be teaching elementary school, dance, art, or teaching English abroad, I believe I will find my life very fulfilling and happy in a classroom.