Work: South Korea

The End of Our Life After Cubes?

by Jason

We quit our jobs, sold all of our stuff and left the states in October of 2009. We traveled through Asia and visited 10 different countries. Next, we headed back to the states for a couple months and got married. Most recently we’ve lived in South Korea for a year teaching English (Sharon) and launching […]

Teaching English in South Korea vs Thailand Part 2

by Jason

Last week I shared an interview with Ellie about her experiences in teaching English in Thailand and South Korea. Today, I have one more interview with long-time travel blogger, Johnny Ward. He’s been traveling since 2006 and shares all of his knowledge and experiences on his blog, 1. Can you give a brief description […]

Teaching English in South Korea vs Thailand

by Jason

Over the past few months we’ve had many posts discussing what it’s like to be a foreign English teacher in South Korea. In this post, I’d like to compare and contrast the experience of teaching English in South Korea versus Thailand. The following is an interview with Elizabeth Noelle. She has taught English in both […]

Skiing and Snowboarding in Korea - What’s the deal?

by Jason

With winter approaching my mind always wanders to the same thing – snowboarding. It’s one of my favorite activities and yet I haven’t been on a board in almost three years. This year I hope to change that and perhaps go on a couple ski holidays. We’ll be in Korea for most of the winter […]

Korean vs. American public schools!!!

by Sharon

I work at a public elementary school here in Seoul, so for the past 8 months I’ve been closely observing how the public school system works here. Granted, it’s been almost 17 years since I graduated from elementary school, but here is my attempt at comparing my American public school experience to the Korean school […]

An overdue update!

by Sharon

After weeks of trying to get me to write again, Jason got his wish. It’s not that I don’t want to write posts, but my job is (to say the least) tiring. I enjoy having my free time after work to unwind after a stressful day and I absolutely relish my weekends because I get […]

What I Learned From Organizing & Hosting Twist Seoul

by Jason

Last week I helped organize and then host the first ever “This Week in Startups” Seoul Meetup episode. In this post I wanted to discuss the experience of doing it, what I had hoped to gain from it and what I ended up gaining from it.

Sharing Some of My Recent Work

by Jason”

Life has become rather routine for Sharon and I here in Korea. We’re both primarily focusing on our work. However, it’s summer break for the kids, so Sharon will be taking a week off in mid-August. We’re considering a couple of different trips and also potentially just hanging around Seoul (money’s a little tight at […]

9 Things Koreans Do That Make Me Laugh

by Jason

Having grown up half-way around the world in a Western culture, I recently realized that for this reason, there are many things in Korea that I simply don’t understand. However, that’s not to say I can’t help but laugh at them. Here’s a list of a few things that Koreans do that make me laugh.

Plastic-Surgery-Happy in Korea

by Sharon

I am not a fan of this type of plastic surgery. When I think of the fact that South Korea tops the list of countries that are the most plastic surgery happy, I am a little disappointed that it happens to be the country of most of my heritage. When I think of the fact […]