How To Find An Apartment in South Korea & How Our Search Went

by Jason

Upon arriving in Seoul a few weeks ago, the first question I asked Sharon was, “how is our apartment?” Her response, “small – I almost cried when I first saw it”. I knew from her response that we were going to be on our own finding a new apartment in a country where we didn’t speak the […]

What to Pack for a Long-Term or RTW Trip (Male Edition)

by Jason

This has been a post I’ve had on my “list of posts” for a long time. Well, I finally got around to doing it. Over on the new Blog, I’ve put together a list of the over 75 different items I brought on our year-long trip, all with pictures and links. If you’ve ever […]

My First Few Weeks in Seoul as an English Teacher

by Sharon

My year in Korea as an English teacher started off wonderfully. I flew Singapore Airlines on a direct flight from SFO to ICN (Incheon International Airport). Although I was alone, I weaseled my way into my own row where I could blissfully stretch out my legs and lie down whenever I wanted. They served free […] Announcement & Update

by Jason

Hello from Seoul, South Korea (again)! Sharon and I have officially settled in and are happy to be back. More on that in a future post. In today’s post I have an exciting announcement regarding Unanchor and I’d also like to give an update on the latest progress of the business.

Interview with Traveler Jason Browne — 14 Months, 8,700 Miles, All By Bicycle

by Jason

Today’s interview is with Jason Browne, a cycling traveler that Sharon and I originally met in China. I’m very excited to bring you today’s interview, for two reasons: I get to tell the story of how we met and became friends with Jason. I’ve never met a traveler like Jason and his story is a […]