Why Asia?

by Sharon -- September 26, 2009

One of the first questions people ask me when I tell them about this trip is “why Asia?”.  My reply is usually something along the lines of “why not Asia?” or “because my family is from there”.  While they are both major factors in our decision to choose Asia, I think the main reason is because neither of us have been anywhere near it.

Jason’s list of traveled countries include Spain, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Argentina, Uruguay, and France.  My pathetic list includes Canada and Mexico, the parts that basically border the United States.  From the looks of our experiences, I think it made sense to travel together in Asia; it would be a new experience for both of us and more importantly the food would be amazing.  (Jason is obsessed with Asian food so it was only a matter of time that he would find an Asian girlfriend and have an excuse to go travel to her “homeland” to experience the food firsthand.)

Another main factor that went into choosing where to go was the fact that both of my parents were born in South Korea and I have always wanted to go there but never had a chance.  I wondered what it was like to blend in with a sea of naturally black haired people.  I wanted to prove to myself and my childhood that all Asian people have a big smile on their face and rice candy in their pockets like in all those advertisements I saw in my mom’s Korean magazines.  Although I don’t speak the language, I couldn’t help but feel a gravitational pull towards the street vendors that sell kal-bi and bulgogi.  It’s so close, I can taste it!   You know what they say- once you go kal-bi, you never go back.  Of course, we will be visiting many more countries apart from South Korea, but my heritage was definitely a major influence.

I personally think choosing Asia was a great decision.  Have you ever noticed how when you see or experience something amazing, you wish that your loved ones were there to experience it with you?  For this next chapter in our lives, both of us will be experiencing some new and amazing things, and the best part is that we’ll be doing it together.

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  1. Your quote “one you go kal-bi, younever go back” is very true :)

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