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South Korea (Mar '11 - ?) Jeonju Posted
Gyeongju Posted
Seoul Posted Deskwarming: The Love/Hate Relationship
Why I Like Living in Seoul
Dog Soup & Korea
I'm a Real Life Teacher
How to Find An Apartment in Korea
United States (Oct '10 - Feb '11) Hawaii - Oahu Posted Demantski Update: Post Wedding, Honeymoon, and Korea
San Francisco Posted
East Coast Posted
San Francisco Posted Semi Update: We are homeless!
LAC Update: Congratulations Giants!
A Reflection On Being Back Home
Seattle Posted Now that we're back...
Guam (Sep '10) Guam Posted Guam: "Where America's Day Begins"
Singapore (Sep '10) Singapore Posted Itinerary Update... The Home Stretch!
Singapore: The Most "un-Southeast Asia" of Asia
Indonesia (Aug '10 - Sep '10) Bukittinggi Posted
Padang Posted Goodbye Korea, Hello Indonesia
In A Muslim World
South Korea Part II (May '10 - Aug '10) Busan Posted What's Going on in Busan?
My First World Cup
Seoul DMZ
Stepping Into North Korea
Gwangju Posted
Jeju Island Posted Our Korean "Vacation" on Jeju Island
The Crazy Election Campaigns
Japan (May '10) Osaka Posted Very Loose Japanese Fashion Observations
Kyoto & Nara Posted
Hiroshima Posted
South Korea (Feb '10 - May '10) Daegu & Gyeongu Posted
Seorakasan National Park Posted
Seoul Posted Korean Food & YOU
Life in Seoul
Update: Where are we now? South Korea!
To Teach English in Korea?
Incheon Posted
China (Feb '10) Beijing Posted Going Big in Beijing: Chinese New Year 2010
The Great Hike of China's Huge Wall
Zhaoqing Posted
Thailand (Feb '10) Bangkok Posted Farewell $1 Pad Thai. You will be missed...
Pattaya Posted
Koh Chang Posted Scuba 101
Cambodia (Jan '10) Siem Reap Top 20
Siem Reap & An Angkor Itinerary
Sihanoukville Posted
Koh Kong Posted
Phnom Penh Posted
Vietnam (Dec '09 - Jan '10) Saigon Posted You know you've been in Vietnam for too long when...
Dalat Posted The Art of Vietnamese Wedding Crashing
Nha Trang Posted This stuff just doesn't happen in America
Hue & Hoi An Posted
Cat Ba Island (Halong Bay) Posted Rock the Cat Ba (Island), Vietnam
Hanoi Posted
China (Oct '09 - Nov '09) Guilin & Yangshuo Posted Dog Meat and Old Ladies Part 1
Dog Meat and Old Ladies Part 2
Hainan Island (Haikou & Sanya) Posted Our First Surfing Expedition in Sanya, China
The Great Adventure of Lunch in Haikou
Guanghzou Posted
Macau Posted
Hong Kong Posted HONG KONG: the City of Escalators
Hong Kong!
Canada (Oct '09) Vancouver Posted So THIS is why Nichole loves Canada!
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