2010 Year In Review

by Jason

This is a week of simultaneous reflection and looking ahead. Not wanting to be left out of the process, today’s post takes a quick look back at 2010.  Sharon and I will highlight a few of our favorite posts from this past year. Next week, I’ll be looking forward.

Sharing Some of My Favorite Links From Around The Web III

by Jason

After a 2+ week trip through Florida, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, Sharon and I are back in the Bay Area. It’s good to be “home”. Today’s post is a collection of great links I’ve come across lately. Enjoy!

Announcing UnAnchor 2.0

by Jason

My co-founder, Mohammad, and I are very excited to announce that the next version of UnAnchor.com has officially launched. The new version has a brand-new design as well as a complete overhaul of the back-end code. In this post I’ll be discussing the details of the new version and what we’re working on next.

Semi Update: We are homeless!

by Sharon

Since we’ve been back, one of the most frequently asked questions we get is “so where are you living now?”  Just like most things since we’ve been back, we answer with a long, drawn out “well…..”  The reason for this is quite comical; we don’t have a home. I started applying to teach in Korea […]

Five Things You Think You Need For Long-Term Traveling, But You Don’t

by Jason

In order to prepare for our year-long trip, we read through numerous websites about what things we should and shouldn’t pack. Overall, we did a pretty good job, but within the first 10 days of traveling we realized there were many things which we packed that we ultimately didn’t need. Here are 5 things you […]