The To Do List

Things to buy:

  • Netbooks - Asus Eee PC 1005ha-v
  • Backpacks – Thank you Jason! — Jansport Klamath 68
  • Portable Wireless RouterDlink
  • Electric Plug Adaptor - Done!
  • Xd Card – Need a new one for my camera
  • Water Purifying Pen – I’ve read a little about them, but need to look further into them. It’s called Steripen. — Thanks Scott!

Things to Sell:

  • Car — 2005 Honda Civic Hybrid with carpool stickers! Only 65,000 miles!
  • Bed
  • Dressers
  • Desk
  • Desktop Computer

To Do:

  • Complete China Visa Application
  • Figure out health insurance – Ideally cheap, emergency health insurance - Decided to go with World Nomads
  • Get Traveler’s insurance – Perhaps I can get a deal when I purchase health insurance - Covered this with World Nomads as well
  • Change banks – Bank of America is not going to cut it while traveling, they charge me $5.00 everytime I take money out and will probably charge me for a checking account since I no longer have direct deposit. - Goodbye Bank Of America, hello Charles Schwab!
  • Get a more international friendly credit card – I’ve read that Capital One has a pretty good exchange rate and low fee. - Capital One it is
  • Get all of our shots
  • Print out multiple passport sized photos
  • Change all of our mailing addresses – Thanks for checking our mail Mom and Dad!
  • Put together the Visa requirements for the countries we plan on visiting (Just in case we need to secure our Visa’s before we go.) See document here. - Done
  • Hong Kong – Figure out where we’re sleeping in Hong Kong the first couple of nights. - Done
  • Pack clothes and deliver to parents house