What to pack for a long-term or RTW Trip (Female Edition)

by Sharon -- April 25, 2011

Well hello!

Unfortunately I’ve become the half of LAC that posts about once a month now. I can’t help it though, I’m busy supporting our family in a foreign country! I’ve been trudging through the jungles of the South Korean public elementary school system for 2 months now. Crazy that it’s already been 2 full months!

My latest post is actually on Jason’s Unanchor blog where I include a comprehensive list of items to pack for a long-term trip. If you or someone you know is preparing to leave for one of those soon, and you or that person happens to be a female who cares about hygiene, point them towards my post at Unanchor!

Random Thought of the Day: Every day I grow increasingly more suspicious of the “Korean Diet Illusion”. I call it the “Korean Diet Illusion” because it is quite mind boggling how much food Koreans can eat and not gain any weight. Please explain to me how the hundreds of fried chicken and beer joints are packed with people stuffing plates of fried chicken into their skinny bodies? How is there a doughnut cafe on every corner with tons of skinny people inside partaking in cream-filled deliciousness? Do Koreans secretly get their own menu with calorie-less items??!! Do I coincidentally happen to catch them eating their one and only meal of the day??!!

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  1. I mainly chalk it up to all the walking and the food lacking something in its ingredients that US food contains and that must be horrible for us; I typically blame corn syrup.

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