Can I bring a separate backpack of shoes?

by Sharon -- August 5, 2009


With only weeks left to go before the trip, I find myself throwing away the expendable items from my home, and packing away things that I can do without for the next couple years.  (For those of you not aware of our long term plan, we are selling or giving away all of our possessions that we will not be needing when we come back and find our own place.  By the time we return, it might be a little juvenile to use that 25 year old dresser that once belonged to your older sister when she was 5).

Deciding between what should be saved and what needs to be tossed seems to be a difficult task with Jason in the room, since his joy in life seems to be making me throw away junk that I’ve had for years.  Example: lotions and soaps that have been given to me as gifts for the past five years or so, none of which I use, so I think it’s a good thing to get rid of these things that I keep telling myself I’ll use one day.  You’d think that I would have learned by now.

Random thought of the night: Speaking of junk, I seem to be fretting (even more than anticipated) about the amount of space we are going to have in our backpacks.  One pair of jeans?!  I’ll stuff two in there somewhere.  Only a couple going-out tops?!  I would feel safer with about eight.  What about shoes?  Does this mean I won’t be able to pack my beloved boots?

P.S. I will never do Plyometrics P90X again.

- Sharon

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One Response to “Can I bring a separate backpack of shoes?”

  1. I think I commented under the wrong part last time. But im sure that obvious. :)
    Anyways… 8 going out tops!?! Well I know how you feel, Cole makes me get rid of things….happy to do it, except he wont! And on the lotions… I have that problem, but I have solved it by using them on cole and giving him a back rub every night! So there are two pros there, I’m getting rid of all the gift lotions AND cole is smelling better :)

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