To Do List Update #1

by Jason -- September 16, 2009

The to do list is coming along well, we’re slowly but surely whittling it down. Here’s an update:

Things to buy

Netbook - After numerous hours of research, Sharon and I have finally purchased our netbooks. We went with Asus Eee 1005ha-V. They have over 8 hours of battery and we were able to get them for a little less than $300. I’m writing this post on it now and while the screen is small and will take some getting use to, I’m very happy with it over all.

Backpacks - They arrived today! And thanks to our new best friend Jason L., they were free of charge! We went with Jansport Klamath 68‘s. They look to be a good size and comfortable. We’ll do a more thorough test run in the next week or so. The best part about them is they have an avalanche ice shovel pocket…very useful!

Portable Wireless Router - Purchased today! I went with the DLink G730AP. It looks to be quite small from the pictures, so it should work out well.

Electric Plug Adaptor - Done and cheap!

Things to sell

Desktop Computer - I’ve sold the tower, but still working on the monitor…so this one is half done I guess.

To Do:

Complete China Visa Application - Check! This was a semi-interesting process, so I’ve decided to post a how-to about it for a future post.

Put together Visa requirements - This one took a while, but I got it complete (probably another future post also).

Hong Kong - We officially know where we’re staying our first 2 nights! I think that’s about all of the planning we do before we leave. Ahh, the beauty of a long trip…no itineary, no timeline!

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