Savings? What savings?

by Sharon -- September 17, 2009


Today we received our backpacks in the mail courtesy of Jason Lucash. (Thanks again, Iguanadon!)  Today I also called my optometrist and picked up my year’s supply of contact lenses.  Yesterday I even called my pharmacy and attempted to pick up my prescription of another medication but thanks to the dump that the economy took, the Wal-Mart pharmacy that had my prescription happened to have only one pharmacist, and that pharmacist held a conference call with the other pharmacies, and they collectively decided to all close down when I arrived to pick it up.  Yesterday I purchased an all-purpose toiletry bag, an over-the-shoulder day purse, and two pairs of walking shoes with the intention of wearing one of each shoe and going about my daily activities to find out which one was the most comfortable.  Today I scheduled a lab test to find out if I have the specific antibodies that make me less prone to getting chicken pox (I have lived 25 years completely chicken pox free, and I would like to keep it that way until i’m 100).

I will note that while I do NOT consider myself lazy, I am not the type of person who feels the need to be constructive at all times.  What I have noticed is that preparing for this trip has driven me to seem like I am that type of person, although if you know me well, you will know that the driving force behind my extreme productiveness is someone something else (But I won’t name names.. Jason).

It is funny to me that I have been buying tons of things for this trip, while the whole point of our finances have been geared towards saving money for it.  I feel like I have been running around town like a chicken with its head cut off- going to my doctor, going to a tow-up-from-the-flow-up Wal-Mart during my lunch breaks, buying things that will be “backpack friendly”, getting blood tests left and right… That last one was a bit dramatic, but I have gotten shots and blood taken out twice and now it feels like I’m an honorable donor.  I don’t like needles in my body.

Random Thought of the Night: Our new backpacks have an Avalanche Shovel front pocket.  I’ve been wondering if I should take my Extreme Pick 3000, or if I should just bring my regular Shovel 101?

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2 Responses to “Savings? What savings?”

  1. Extreme pick…. you never know when you’ll be faced with a large mountain you cant go around.

  2. You never know when an avalanche can happen, always bring the shovel.

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