Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and Pigsties (spelling?)

by Sharon -- October 13, 2009

Among the many questions we are being asked before the trip, one of the most common FAQ’s is about how we are going to get from city to city.  Although I think Jason is the more appropriate half to be answering this question thoroughly, I will start off by explaining some basics.

I guess the main reason people have been asking us this question is to pinpoint where we classify ourselves along the spectrum of travel: on one extreme there is the possibility of toting a tent and setting up camp in open spaces, while the opposite extreme would be enjoying first class flights to our hotels.  I am happy to report that the first extreme regarding living in tents for a year is not in the cards for us.  I am a fan of camping but the thought of a. carrying around a tent, b. having to set up the tent in every location, and c… living in a tent for a year, makes me feel like i should just forget about packing deodorant and grow out some dreads.

The reality is that we would be somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.  For the most part we plan on using hostels and riding trains as much as possible from city to city.  Obviously, we will be attempting to hit most major cities initially, but once we are there we will be branching out towards smaller cities and seeing the more rural areas as well.  Every now and then we will be enjoying the convenience of single sized shampoos at hotels but, according to Jason, not too often (although I may be able to finagle it more often once we’re there).

I am going to coin a general theme of this trip, which is “economic indulgence“.  By that, I mean that we have a budget, but we have also included some daily padding within it to allow for more of a comfortable lifestyle rather than limiting ourselves to just the bare bones to survive.  We don’t plan on traveling by foot, but we will make sure that our train, bus, flight, etc. will be the best deal we can find.

Random Thought of the Night: We have been steadily selling off our furniture for the past few weeks, but last night we hit the jackpot when someone came and picked up EVERY PIECE of furniture in our room.  You know how parents always call their childrens’ messy rooms a “pigsty”?  Imagine the contents of not one, but two people’s entire room strewn out on the floor, and then imagine a futon pad lying on the floor as the bed.  Take that image and add two grown adults.  That is the trainwreck that is currently our room.

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3 Responses to “Planes, Trains, Automobiles, and Pigsties (spelling?)”

  1. your room looks like my room at my apartment. Cause im never there and nothing is in it. the only difference is there isnt stuff on the floor, but thats cuase I have nothing :) How exciting! Your finaly days here!!!!!! then your first stop on your travels…. ME! :D (and R.patz and K.Stew)

  2. You mean someone took the pretty, pretty princess set of drawers?? I’m a little sad since that was the last piece of the set, but that’s great you sold everything off.

  3. [...] Bed, Dressers, Desk - All gone! A lady from San Francisco came over interested in one piece of furniture, she ended up leaving with 2 dressers, a TV stand, our desk and our night-stand. In one night our room was empty, you can see pictures in Sharon’s last post. [...]

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