I want to PUMP…you up!

by Jason -- August 2, 2009


It’s no secret that I enjoy working out. In fact, while this may be hard to believe, I’ve been known to be quite anal and obsessive about working out. I’ve been concerned lately about how this will translate while I’m traveling. The few trips I’ve been on, I’ve rarely exercised. Combining that with eating unhealthy and drinking on nearly a daily basis, seems like a recipe for disaster. I’ve been considering bringing my running shoes, but I’m also concerned with how much stuff I’ll be traveling with. If I’m trying to fit everything into a relatively small pack, bringing my running shoes may be a luxury I have to forego.

Another thought I’ve had is that we’re going to be doing a ton of walking and I’ll no longer be sitting in my cube on a laptop for 8-10 hours a day. So, perhaps the added walking will compensate for the lack of true exercise. Finally, I’ve started doing the P90X workout tapes. I have them stored on my laptop, so another option is to do those workouts. I think working out is going to be difficult, but I plan on making a real effort to continue to stay healthy. I’ll post updates as I travel on my progress on this.

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  1. Yes on dress…I know some mandrin if you need to practice! I dont know a lot but I do know how to say ” I like to dance” and “hello” hahaha. I hope it helps somewhere :)

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