It’s not a diet, it’s my LifeAfterCubes Part II

by Jason -- August 21, 2009


Writing on-location from gorgeous Graeagle, California, which is just outside of Tahoe. I’ve got golf, golf and more golf on the agenda for the weekend. After a little bit of work in the morning, I’m excited to get that started.

Last time I wrote about what Life After Cubes means to me and I wanted to conclude that post today. I discussed that my life after cubes does not necessarily mean that I’ll be traveling for the rest of my life, but hopefully it’s a turning point where I can have the job independence I dream of. However, in order to do this I need to focus a good amount of energy and time to building a business; this has some serious implications on the trip that concerns me. If I were to think of this trip as a one-year vacation, it would probably be a lot more fun. I could wake up when I want, and not have to worry about responsibilities or making money. I could eat, sleep, and be merry. But, with a vacation, there is no chance of it lasting longer than a year. In that scenario, I would travel for a year, come back and need to find a job again and most likely be back to the cubeland that I dread.

In my “try to make money” scenario, I’ll have to be on my laptop and working a good amount of time (hopefully nowhere near the 8-10 hours that I am now), but possibly 4 or more hours a day. That means being inside a coffee shop or my hostel room and not being outside and exploring the new city I’m in and experiencing the culture. I think I’m okay with this though. There’s going to be plenty of time for being a tourist, and I’ll definitely make it a priority. Also, the time on my laptop will no longer be for someone else. It won’t be for some mysterious stockholder that I could honestly care a rat’s ass about. This work will be for me. And I think I’m going to love it. It’s the beginning of my life after cubes.

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