And the Trip Begins…

by Jason -- October 20, 2009

It was a fast, fun, exhausting, and bittersweet weekend – filled with a couple parties, a TON of friends and a lot of goodbyes. It’s Monday night now; Sharon and I are sitting at SFO. Our plane has been delayed 2 and a half-hours due to the weather here.

Two posts ago, I wrote about how our trip was beginning with a 40-hour layover due to Air Canada cancelling our initial connecting flight to Hong Kong. Air Canada had chosen not to put us up in a hotel or grant our request to stay in Vancouver a few extra days, and apparently had expected us to spend 2 nights in the Vancouver airport. After writing the post, I decided to also send my story (and link to the post) to Air Canada to let them know about our upcoming travel experience. Two days later I received an email from Air Canada from an agent that felt that our situation needed to be rectified. After verifying my phone number, she gave me a call and asked whether we would prefer to have a hotel for our 2-night layover in Vancouver or if we’d prefer to extend our stay. After considering, I decided to extend our stay to Sunday. She said she would speak with a booking agent and send me a confirmation email with my updated itinerary. Two hours later, we received our updated itinerary and now had 6 days to explore beautiful Vancouver! The trip now begins with an essentially free trip to Vancouver.  Sharon and I are extremely excited about this! Asking certainly pays dividends!

For now, however, we wait. We’re anxious to get our trip started but we’re also still tired from the weekend. With the extra time in Vancouver, we now have the luxury to take things slow — sleep in and hopefully really enjoy the city.

As a reminder, on the side of our blog, we have our which we’ll try to update daily with our location.

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  1. [...] Update: After emailing this post to Air Canada, I received a response 2 days later, asking whether we’d prefer a hotel for the 2-night layover or to extend our stay in Vancouver — we chose to extend! Writing about the experience and sending them an email paid off! Read the full update. [...]

  2. Hi guys,
    Great job with Air Canada.
    Have a fantastic journey! Don’t leave any stone unturned. Eat weird things (not too weird). I’ll be following your trip through your blog.
    Be safe. Love, unc m

  3. I AM SO SAD THAT YOU ARE GONE! However I am excited that you guys are finally starting this wonderful trip! Safe travels!

  4. Have a safe trip…leave already, I love the idea of you going and can’t wait to see your next post! Be safe and enjoy!

  5. Is it weird that I think you guys are totally crazy, and yet I’m incredibly jealous, all at the same time?! Good luck, have a blast, and I’m really looking forward to your updates.

  6. Uncle Mark — Haha…thanks very much, I’ll let you know some of the weird things we eat!

    Cousin Marc — Thank you! We’ve left!!

    Matt — Don’t be jealous, you could do this too! …how about visit?

  7. Outstanding writings! Very interesting and SO MUCH FUN to read. Look forward to many more. Oh…don’t pick up any nasty public habits as were outlined in your top 9. :-)

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