Unemployed and on the Adventure of a Lifetime

by Jason -- November 29, 2009

Sharon and I had the great privilege of speaking with Mike Cassidy, a reporter from the San Jose Mercury News, to discuss our new Life After Cube lifestyle and goals for the trip. On Saturday, his article was published in the Merc, “Unemployed and on the Adventure of a Lifetime”.

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9 Responses to “Unemployed and on the Adventure of a Lifetime”

  1. Very nice article. Are you telling us you may travel for as long as 4 years??
    Enjoy your next adventure.
    Miss you, love you..

  2. Hi,
    I read about you in the SJ Merc news today. Good luck with your adventures!

    Is there any way to “follow” the blog itself (like others I’ve seen on Blogger/Blogspot)? The follow toolbar seems to be missing…


  3. Hi Meliha,

    Thanks for the comment. You can follow the blog via email or RSS. On our right navigation bar you can enter your email address and you’ll receive all of our posts via email or if you click the orange button below that you can subscribe with your favorite RSS reader.

  4. Have a good trip. I recently got back from Thailand and Japan after losing my job (in silicon valley). It is good therapy to travel vs fighting the job grind. Enjoy!

  5. Is Seagate going to be happy you called them out by name on cutting salary and benefits?

    Also, you should have listed the interesting things from china before your amazon/nasque articles.

  6. HJ - Thanks for the good wishes and visiting the site. Any advice on Thailand? We’ll be heading there in January!

    Burns - Always the critic, huh? All of the Seagate information is public information, so yeah, shouldn’t be an issue. And I listed the amazon/nasque articles first because the article focused primarily on us trying to become location independent and that’s what those article are about. Shouldn’t you be producing a YouTube video or something??

  7. Congrats. Your adventurous story was on SJ Mercury News. You never stop amazing me :)

  8. Saw the article in the SJ Mercury News yesterday and I feel like it was meant for me.

    I put in my 4 weeks notice at my desk job in San Francisco yesterday and I leave for Southeast Asia on January 18th. I’ve been planning since September. Coming back to the US on March 16th; never done anything like this.

    You guys are way inspiring! Im going to follow the heck out of this blog!

  9. Hi Chris,

    Congratulations! That’s really awesome! Good luck! Perhaps our paths will cross in SE Asia.


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