The 7 Link Challenge

by Sharon -- August 2, 2010

Our last day in America! Can you believe that was over 9 months ago?

One of our favorite travel bloggers recently took the 7 link challenge and after reading further about it, it sounded like a fun idea. So, both Jason and I have compiled and completed the 7 link challenge. Please join us on a trip down memory lane…

Our First Posts

Jason’s First Post – Random Thoughts From My Cube With 14 Weeks To Go

Sharon’s First Post – Cutting the Keyboard Cord

Posts We Enjoyed Writing

Jason - The Great Adventure of Lunch in Haikou – This experience was so ridiculous that as soon as I came back from lunch I started writing. I had so much fun writing this post that the initial draft was waaay too long!

Sharon - The Top 9 Things about China that Shocked Us – This was one of my first posts and also the first time I truly felt that what I was writing about needed to be written!  Mainland China was our first stop into culture shock, so I will forever read this post and remember that feeling.

A Post Which Had A Great Discussion

Sharon - Dating in Korea – This was one of my more recent posts and developed a nice discussion panel in the comments section.  I asserted many of my own opinions on dating in Korea, and although they were just observations, many people agreed/disagreed with me on them.  It’s great knowing that people take what I write seriously, even if some of my writing does drip with sarcasm.

A Post on Someone Else’s Blog I Wish I’d Written

Jason - Nomadic Matt – “Why Americans Still Don’t Travel Overseas” – There were actually two parts to this post, here’s part 1. This is a topic I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about. Matt’s post summarized the arguments well.

Sharon - YouOffendMeYouOffendMyFamily – I recently discovered this blog while searching for information on Koreans and their insane drinking habits, only to find an entire website’s worth of fun stuff.  One of them being a link to the “6 Most Terrifying Foods in the World”.

Your Most Helpful Post

Jason - “Visa Requirements for Asian Countries” – This list took a long time to compile and I’m proud of how helpful it is. Visa requirements are an annoying aspect of travel and I hope this helped (and will help) people planning on traveling to Asia.

A Post With A Title You Are Proud Of

Sharon - “Rock the Cat Ba (Island), Vietnam” – It’s obvious that this title parodies the song “Rock the Casbah” (and is also extremely corny) but it just makes me smile each time I think about it.

Jason - “Geoarbritage – Holy &#!% that’s cheap” – It took me a long time to choose the symbols that looked right. I think it’s the exclamation mark that really makes it look right.

A Post That I Wish More People Had Read

Sharon - What is this, a trick question?  I guess if I were obligated to answer this, I would have to say “14 Engrish Signs to Make You Laugh” just because I think everyone in the world deserves to know how awesome these horrible translations are.

Now I ask you: what’s your favorite blog of ours?  Do you even read our blog?  If your name is Holly, you probably do.

Random Thought of the Day: How awesomely random is this?

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7 Responses to “The 7 Link Challenge”

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAH yes! I read your posts!!!

    so heres my favs… even though this was hard to pick from cause I like so many :)

    Sharon - Koreans getting Crunk
    Jason - Reactions From South Korea About The Recent Tension With North Korea

    Obviously these are more recent, but I like quite a few others from the past as well :)

    I also REALLY like the korean language one too!

  2. Coming from your dad…every blog is worth reading however you are probably spending too much time on figuring out which symbols substitute for the letters in a curse. I found it hard relating to the Visa requirements but do recognize the importance of that. I did love the 14 Engrish signs and you probably didn’t have to explain rock the Casbah. To confirm. I never read a blog I didn’t like.

    Most of all, I love the picture gallery and being able to see you real soon!

  3. I definitely read every one… I’m not sure of my favorite. Maybe Sharon’s gross China food post and Jason’s Nas-Que?

    And that dorito’s star of david is bitchin!

  4. I am not exactly sure why, but my favorite post is:

    I think it was one of the first posts I read. The photo of Jason standing in the middle of the bedroom sans furniture really stuck with me. I could sense the excitement and the stress of the moment mingled together. When I look forward to our trip… that is the moment I imagine reality will hit me. And, I can’t wait for that moment :)

  5. Thanks for the comments!!
    Holly- of course you read this post! :)
    Matt, I love that you liked the Nas-Que post, I had forgotten about that one.
    Barry, we can’t wait to see you guys in Seattle as well!
    Jenneil, it’s hard to believe that we took that picture over a year ago, and here we are gearing up to go home in a few weeks!

  6. Hi, I’m relatively new to your blog, arrived in the last couple months via your interview on jetsetcitizen, and have enjoyed following your journey.

    In answer to your questions…
    - My favorite post(s) are the itinerary updates and budget number, apparently I’m a nerd like that but also I enjoy the various anecdotal stories and the engrish signs were pretty funny!
    - Yes, I read your blog. ;-) so, I guess I’m proof that random people do find your blog and continue reading it!

  7. I read your blog, for the most part, sometimes late. I’m Chinese so I might be biased. I remember Jason’s “soup-to-go”, and pictures of all the Chinese kids staring at him, and the chicken feet dish (or that was only in an interview). It’s nice to learn about the vast improvement of the Chinese railroad system, but dissappointing level of English. Sharon’s post about (not) able to find a job as English teacher was enlightening. I’m very curious to follow Jason’s money making schemes. You are living the dreams of many others, so it’s nice to see how you make this all work.

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