Visa Requirements for Asian Countries

by Jason -- February 28, 2010

A Visa is a document that allows visitors to enter and travel within a particular country. Visa processes and requirements vary greatly. Because of this, researching each country can be a real pain. In order to help with at least a few countries, I’ve gone ahead and done the research for most countries in Eastern Asia. See below for the length of time you’re permitted to stay on a Visa and what the countries’ particular Visa process is. There are links for additional information for each country as well.

Note: This is unfortunately only applicable if you’re a United States resident and of course subject to become out of date as soon as this article is published. Thankfully, the US government keeps an excellent and hard to find website. Here’s an extremely useful link for figuring out Visa information for every country in the world: (Scroll half-way down and click “A-Z Country Index”)

Country Fee Days Allowed Notes URL
Cambodia $25 30 Purchase before or upon entry Link
China $130 Varies Purchase before entry Link
Link 2
Hong Kong $0 90 Link
Indonesia $35 30 Purchased upon entry Link
Japan $0 90 No Visa needed Link
Laos $35 30 Purchased upon entry Link
Malaysia $0 90 No Visa needed Link
Philippines $0 21 No Visa needed Link
Singapore $0 90 No Visa needed Link
South Korea $0 90 Link
Link 2
Taiwan $0 30 No Visa needed Link
Thailand $0 30 air/15 land No Visa needed Link
Vietnam $45 Varies Purchase before entry Link

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  1. found this really useful for me and a coworker thanks

  2. Awesome, glad I could help! :-)

  3. What about non-US residents. I am in Liberia want to travel to Asia, what are the requirements?

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