Weddings, work, and more weddings!

by Sharon -- November 18, 2010

Although I am technically unemployed, I have a full-time job.  This wedding planning stuff has really taken over my jobless life!  I mean this in the best way possible, I really do, because I absolutely love planning my own wedding.  Besides, how else am I going to plan an amazing party in 3 months?

There are, however, a couple of complications to this full-time wedding-planning lifestyle…

In order to meet the minimum required qualification “status” for my English teaching program in Korea, I had to sign up for an online class.  This class will provide me with a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certification.  The class consists of 20 units, 20 worksheets, and one final exam at the end.  The great thing about this class is that you can make your own schedule; you can do it whenever and wherever you want, so long as you complete the final exam within 6 months.  The problem with this class… is that you can make your own schedule.  I’m not the most self-motivated person in the world (or even in this room I’m sitting in right now) and so this wedding stuff has completely taken over any motivation I had for this class.  I haven’t done any classwork for almost 3 weeks because of it!  I really need to kick myself in the a** if I’m going to complete this before I leave for Korea!

Speaking of EPIK (English Program in Korea), I’m finally “done” with the paperwork and interview process.  Unfortunately, I use the word “done” very loosely in this case.  I am still waiting for my FBI criminal record check (which I will also have to get notarized and Apostilled, of course, before I send the photocopies and original copy to Korea- I am starting to think that everything is worthless without a government Apostille nowadays) and the approval from EPIK that my documents are complete.  So in other words, EPIK will have me sitting and waiting around for the next phase of the process for a couple more months.  Without sounding too dramatic, this EPIK thing has also taken over my life.

My friends and family have been teasing me about how quickly things have happened for this upcoming wedding, and for good reason.  I bought a wedding dress three days after I got engaged (although in my defense I wasn’t planning on finding one that day, let alone buying one), we found a venue a week after, we sent out our “save the dates” two weeks after, I found bridesmaid dresses less than three weeks after, we have shower and bachelorette party dates set, and I already designed our invites.  However, when you’re unemployed, your full-time job becomes wedding planning.  And, when you’re planning your wedding in three and a half months, these things have to happen ASAP!

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11 Responses to “Weddings, work, and more weddings!”

  1. Good luck with the plans, I am sure it will be a fantastic party! Hope to see you in Asia again soon!

  2. Thanks Kristy! We’ll most likely be in Korea by March, and we’d love to visit you guys in Singapore again!

    Have a great Thanksgiving in Singapore!

  3. congrats on your engagement.

    Who, if you don’t mind me asking, are you doing your TEFL though? I teach ESL in the USA to two Thai ladies through a literacy charity but I have thought about taking a course to be more “official”

  4. Love the picture :)

    I honestly didnt even realize you were doing everything “fast” I just kind of thought it was a normal progression!! (wow shows how my mind works.. everything is done RIGHT NOW) haha

    Anyways, this EPIK thing sounds like a lot of work! but im sure will be worth it in the end :D

    “Can’t I just stay a princess they’re so much younger than Queens “

  5. Hi Sharon & Jason,
    Congrats on your engagement! Thanks for sharing this happy news.

  6. Holy cow, can you please send me whatever great wedding karma you have??? It’s taking forever for things to come together! You’re going to make such a beautiful bride. :)

  7. Awesome. Didn’t realize the big day was so soon. Best of luck with the planning and all that comes after.

  8. So happy to hear that you two are getting married! Best wishes to you for a long, happy life together!

  9. Thanks for all of the ridiculously nice comments! I think things have been coming together so quickly because I have all day, every day to plan this wedding! It’s been nice because Jason and I can make appointments for things any time during the day, so often times we try to do things earlier in the day so we beat any rush.

    Clare: I am using the ITTT program for the TEFL class. I have nothing to compare it to, but so far it’s pretty simple and straightforward with an open note test at the end!

  10. excellent thanks - its much cheaper than the ones I was looking at. :)

  11. Congratulations on your engagement!! And gorgeous photo. Good luck with wrapping up the wedding planning!

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