LAC Update: Congratulations Giants!

by Sharon -- November 4, 2010

So Jason and I have been back in the mainland US for one month now, and I have to say that it’s been an awesome month!  We’ve been to a wedding, we’re going to two more, we’ve been seeing our friends and family, we’ve been spending a sh*tload of money on food, and we’ve been homeless vagabonds just like we were in Asia!

As a general update of our life back at “home”, here are some of the main things that have been happening to us this month, which would technically be “after Life After Cubes” or “Life After Cubes hiatus”.

Jason has been trucking along on UnAnchor and has been working closely with his new co-founder, Mohammed.  He tells me things are moving along and they work well together, which obviously makes or breaks a working relationship.  They are in the middle of completely re-doing the website, so big changes are happening to your second favorite website,

I have been knee deep in the application process to EPIK (English Program in Korea) for a few weeks now, and all I have to say is thank goodness it’s almost over!  Seriously!  There is a huge workload to complete for this process and it doesn’t take a day or two, but rather weeks or even months.  The paperwork included in this process is hefty: two letters of recommendation (on letterhead, dated, addressed to EPIK, less than 2 years old, and signed in blue ink), a state level Criminal Record Check that needs to be notarized and Apostilled, an FBI Criminal Record Check that also needs to be notarized and Apostilled, an 11-page application, a personal essay, an original lesson plan, two phone interviews, and countless other documents.  It’s exhausting.  For any of you who are interested in teaching English in Korea, please note that the process takes a long time and should be done preferably BEFORE the first day that applications can be sent in.  EPIK is on a first come first served basis, so if you wait to get all of these documents, you’re SOL.

Jason and I are also happily (and semi-stressfully, but still happily) planning a possible wedding in February.  If I get a job in Korea, we would have to fly out in mid-late February.  Having a wedding before we leave just makes sense!  It would be easier for us to actually be married in Korea since it’s a very conservative culture, let alone the fact that we have to be married to live together.  Stay tuned for more updates on our tentative “Life After Single Life Wedding, San Francisco, 2011.”

Random Thought of the Day: We have been in San Francisco during the World Series and watched the game here when they won.  Things got pretty cuh-ray-zee!!!!  Streets were blocked off with drunken crowds, people brought out their sound systems to start dance parties, stuffed dogs were tossed in the air, barrels of beer were sprayed at thousands of people, and little Asian grandmas went around and picked up the cans and bottles.  It happened.  It was madness.

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  1. Wow-ee! I had no idea the EPIK requirements had gotten so crazy! It’s worth noting that private school / hagwons are more interested in finding someone to meet the school’s / parents requests. That means you won’t need to mess with all the reference letter BS if you want to come to Korea.

  2. oh those asian ladies :)

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