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by Jason -- August 8, 2011

Life has become rather routine for Sharon and I here in Korea. We’re both primarily focusing on our work. However, it’s summer break for the kids, so Sharon will be taking a week off in mid-August. We’re considering a couple of different trips and also potentially just hanging around Seoul (money’s a little tight at the moment).

For today’s post I wanted to share a few of my recent links from around the web -

  • My Unanchor co-founder, Mohammad and his wife, just spent 2 and a half weeks visiting us here in Seoul. We got a lot of done and managed to squeeze in time to do the Unanchor Seoul itinerary as well. I recently published an update of Unanchor’s latest site updates and new itineraries.
  • While Mohammad was here we decided to create an Unanchor pitch video. What do you think? (1:30 video)
  • I continue to occasionally interview successful travel entrepreneurs. Here are a few of my more recent one’s -
    • Jim Hornthal - Jim is one of the pioneers of bringing travel to the Internet. He has had a long successful career and in this interview gave a lot of great advice for new entrepreneurs.
    • Tony Wheeler - Tony and his wife Maureen are the co-founders of the Lonely Planet travel guide books. I was both excited and nervous to get the chance to interview him. Tony has lived an incredible life and recently sold the rest of his stake of Lonely Planet to the BBC (making him very, very wealthy). I’m proud of how this interview turned out, if you check out only one of these interviews, I recommend this one.
    • Sam Shank - Sam has built 3 successful travel companies in the last 7 years. He also was a great interviewee and had some really helpful advice for new entrepreneurs.
    • Frederic Le Pardieu - Frederic has an awesome story. He’s a first time entrepreneur, is not a developer and has a runaway hit with his mTrip mobile travel guides.
  • Based on these interviews I published my first two articles to -
  • Finally, I’m helping organize a “This Week in Startups” Seoul meetup which will be aired live on the “This Week in Startups” (Twist) global web program. If you’ve never heard of the show - “This Week in Startups” is a twice-a-week Internet show focused on web and technology startup companies. They’ve recently begun doing international episodes where 3 local companies pitch live on the show (check out the Paris example episode). Our Seoul meetup/episode will be on August 27th at 12:00pm in Seoul and will air live on this This Week in Startups on August 26th 8:00pm Pacific. For more information, you can check out our Twist Seoul site.

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