“This Week in Startups” Seoul Meetup Episode - Live Today!

by Jason -- August 26, 2011

A few months ago while listening to “This Week in Startups” the host, Jason Calacanis, said he wanted to do a meetup episode in Asia. He called out Seoul as one of the potential locations. I had been living in Seoul for a month and figured, why not? I’ll try to organize it!

Four months later…

The event is finally happening! It was a HUGE process. Far more involved than I initially imagined. In a future post I’ll be going more in-depth about what I learned and what I got out of the process.

Watch the Twist Seoul Episode Live!

Today (August 26th) at 8pm Pacific, 11pm Eastern, 12pm Korean (27th), our “This Week in Startups” Seoul Meetup episode is live! If you miss it live, you can catch it anytime on the “This Week in Startups” site.

I’ll be hosting the show locally here as well as during the live episode, make sure to check it out.

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3 Responses to ““This Week in Startups” Seoul Meetup Episode - Live Today!”

  1. Hi, I am Effie from Taiwan, I just saw the TWist Seoul film, and got to know the TV show. It’s an interesting campaign!

    I would like to ask is there any possibility to hold it in Taiwan? ” There are many start-ups here, too!

  2. Hi Effie — Thanks for the comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the episode. And sure, I think the Twist team is open to hosting meetup episodes anywhere. In fact, someone else from Taiwan emailed me about trying to organize an event. If you send me an email, I can connect you two.


  3. Hi, the article is here. http://www.inside.com.tw/2011/09/01/the-week-in-sartups


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