Announcing Our Public Launch of Unanchor

by Jason -- December 7, 2011

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  • Are you looking for a local’s view of a new city?
  • Want to get off the beaten path and avoid the tourist traps?
  • Do you hate researching what to do and how to get around for your next vacation?

Then our Unanchor travel guide itineraries are for you. We find local experts around the world and tell them to put their best tour information together… Then we sell it for only a few bucks.

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In today’s post, I’ll discuss what we’ve been working, tell you about our new interactive itinerary format and at the end I’d like to offer you a 15% off coupon to try an Unanchor itinerary for yourself.

What’s been going on?

I launched Unanchor over a year ago now. We sell self-guided tour itineraries that give travelers the information to be their own tour guide.

The main issue we’ve been tackling the past few months are the itineraries themselves. We started with zero and struggled to find good writers at a reasonable price. Eventually we introduced a revenue advance program. This did the trick. Applications to write for the site began to pour in. A few months later, we now have over 85 itineraries on the site and cover 70 unique cities. With this much coverage, we’re ready to do our public launch!

We’ve been very public on our desire to find writers for the site, but we have not tried marketing ourselves to travelers. We’re now ready to bring travelers to the site.

The Plan

Our next step is try and go after free PR — newspapers, travel magazines, travel blogs, etc. The goal is to drive travelers and additional writers to the site, begin building our brand and start pumping up the business.

We’re also going to offer bloggers and journalists a free itinerary. If you’re either or know of someone who may be interested in this, please check out our free review itinerary page.

New Interactive Format!

In addition to our public launch, we’re also excited to announce our new interactive itinerary format. It’s a cleaner and easier way to navigate our itineraries.

Along with this new format, the first day of multi-day itineraries is now free! Check out some examples:

Try out an Unanchor itinerary and save 15%

In honor of our public launch, I’d like to offer you a 15% off coupon for your next itinerary. Just follow this link — It expires at the end of the year.

And don’t forget, tell your friends!

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  1. Congrats on the launch guys!


  2. I took a quick peek and the site looks really dynamic! Nice work and congratulations!

  3. Thanks Rishi! Thanks Jennie! :)

  4. I just added UnAnchor on Keys to China Resources page (can’t believe I never did it before). The site is looking fantastic!

  5. Thanks Vivian — I appreciate the link and the compliment!

  6. Congratulations on the launch! I’m looking forward to using it on my next trip!

    PS - Wow you know Rishi?! We shared coworking space when we were back in SF. Small world.

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