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by Jason -- May 9, 2013

It’s time again for another Unanchor Kindle Travel Guide 2-day sale! Starting today (May 9) through Friday (May 10), we have 100 Unanchor Amazon Kindle travel guides available for FREE! See below for direct links to every guide.

What is an Unanchor Travel Guide Itinerary?

  • A self-guided tour itinerary is a logical list of prioritized sights and attractions with detailed directions & maps.

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I have a big favor to ask you. These guides take hours to write, create and update. Normally, they cost anywhere from $5 to $10, but today they’re free!

If you download a guide, can you give us your feedback? Email us at [email protected] or leave a review directly on Amazon (details on how to do this are on the last page of every guide). Reviews are tremendously helpful to the writers & to us, allowing us to continuously improve each guide.

Get Your FREE Unanchor Guides on Amazon

Starting right now and through midnight Pacific time on Friday (May 10) you can download all of our Amazon Kindle itineraries for FREE! Head on over to Amazon and download your guides now. Don’t forget to share & tweet this with your friends! Here is what’s available:

  1. Amman Travel Guide - Adventure Around Amman: A 2-Day Itinerary
  2. Amman Travel Guide - 2-Day Cultural Tour
  3. Amsterdam Travel Guide - Amsterdam Made Easy: A 3-Day Guide
  4. Amsterdam Travel Guide - 3 Day Itinerary: Not just the Red Light District
  5. Athens Travel Guide - 3-Day Highlights Tour Itinerary
  6. Atlanta Travel Guide - 3 Day Highlights Itinerary
  7. Bainbridge Island Travel Guide - A Day on Bainbridge Island
  8. Bangkok Travel Guide - The Ins and Outs of Bangkok - 3 Day Itinerary
  9. Barcelona Travel Guide - 3-Day Highlights of Barcelona
  10. Barcelona Travel Guide - FC Barcelona: More than a Club (A 1-Day Experience)
  11. Bath Travel Guide: An Exploring Guide - 2-Day Itinerary
  12. Beijing Travel Guide - 3 Day Must Sees, Must Dos, Must Eats
  13. Berlin Travel Guide - A 3-Day Guide
  14. Beverly Hills Travel Guide - Beverly Hills, Los Angeles - One Day Tour 
  15. Boston Travel Guide - 2-Day Historic Highlights Itinerary
  16. Brasov Travel Guide - Feel the Pulse of Transylvania in 3 Days
  17. Buenos Aires Travel Guide - Best Kept Secrets: 2-Day Itinerary
  18. Buenos Aires Travel Guide - Insider’s Guide to the Best of Buenos Aires in 3-Days
  19. Chicago Travel Guide - 3-Day Highlights Itinerary
  20. Chicago Travel Guide - Food, Art and Funky Neighborhoods in 3 Days
  21. Chicago Travel Guide - Famous Art & Outstanding Restaurants in Chicago 1-Day Itinerary
  22. Chicago Travel Guide - 6-Hour “Layover” Chicago
  23. Columbus, Ohio Travel Guide - Family Weekend in Columbus
  24. Columbus, Ohio Travel Guide - Columbus Taco Truck Tour
  25. Delhi Travel Guide - 3-Day Budget Itinerary
  26. Dubai Travel Guide - 3-Day Itinerary & Survival Tips
  27. Dublin Travel Guide - 3 Days in Dublin City - City Highlights, While Eating & Drinking Like a Local
  28. Florence, Italy Travel Guide - Art, Culture & Off the beaten track - 3-Day Itinerary
  29. Halifax Travel Guide - Relax in Halifax for Two Days Like a Local
  30. Hawaii Big Island Travel Guide - Tackling 10 Must-Dos on the Big Island in 3 Days
  31. Helsinki, Finland Travel Guide - 3-Days in Helsinki
  32. Hong Kong Travel Guide - Between the Skyscrapers - Hong Kong 3-day Discovery Tour
  33. Istanbul Travel Guide - Between the East and the West, a 3-Day Itinerary
  34. Johannesburg Travel Guide - Johannesburg/Pretoria: A 4-Day South Africa Tour Itinerary
  35. Krakow Travel Guide - Three Day Tour of Poland’s Cultural Capital
  36. Lancaster County Travel Guide - 3 Day PA Dutch Country Highlights
  37. Las Vegas Travel Guide - Gaming Destination Diversions - Ultimate 3-Day Itinerary
  38. Las Vegas Travel Guide - Las Vegas on a Budget 3-Day Itinerary
  39. Lausanne Travel Guide - 1-Day Tour Itinerary
  40. Lisbon Travel Guide - Lisbon in 3 Days: Budget Itinerary
  41. London Travel Guide - An Insider’s Guide to the Best of London in 3-days
  42. London Travel Guide - Low Cost, Luxury London - 3 Day Itinerary
  43. London Olympics Travel Guide - 3-Day London Tour for Olympic Visitors
  44. Los Angeles Travel Guide - Downtown LA 1 Day Walking Tour
  45. Los Angeles Travel Guide - Los Angeles Highlights 3-Day Itinerary
  46. Malaga Travel Guide - Malaga, Spain - 2-Day Tour from the Moors to Picasso
  47. Manila Travel Guide - Manila on a Budget: 2-Day Itinerary
  48. Manila Travel Guide - A 3-Day Thrilla in Manila then Flee to the Sea 
  49. Mexico City Travel Guide - 3-Day Highlights Itinerary
  50. Melbourne Travel Guide - A Weekend Snapshot of Melbourne
  51. Melbourne Travel Guide - Magic of Melbourne 3 Day Tour
  52. Milan, Italy Travel Guide - Milan Unknown A 3 Day Tour Itinerary
  53. Moscow Travel Guide - The Very Best of Moscow in 3 Days
  54. Mumbai Travel Guide - 3 Day Highlights Itinerary
  55. New Haven Travel Guide - Highlights: Art, Culture & History 3 Day Itinerary
  56. New York City Travel Guide - 3-Day Amazing Asian Food Tour
  57. New York City Travel Guide - New York City’s Lower East Side, 1 Day Tour Itinerary
  58. New York City Travel Guide - Lower Key, Lower Cost: Lower Manhattan - 1-Day Itinerary
  59. New York City Travel Guide - First Timer’s 2 Day Walking Tour
  60. North Norfolk Travel Guide - Done London? A 3-day itinerary for off the beaten track North Norfolk
  61. Oahu Travel Guide - Local’s Guide to Oahu: 3-Day Tour Itinerary
  62. Ohio State Game Day Weekend Unanchor Travel Guide
  63. Orlando Travel Guide - 3-Day Discover Orlando Itinerary
  64. Paphos Travel Guide - 3-Day Itinerary: Live like a local!
  65. Paris Travel Guide - Paris 4 Day Winter Wonderland
  66. Paris Travel Guide - 3 Perfect Wandering Days Tour Itinerary
  67. Paris Travel Guide - Streets of Montmartre 1-Day Itinerary
  68. Paris Travel Guide - Paris Foodie Classics: 1 Day of French Food
  69. Paris Travel Guide - Paris for Free: 3 Days
  70. Philadelphia Travel Guide - Two Days In Philadelphia
  71. Portland Travel Guide - Three Days Livin’ as a True and Local Portlander 
  72. Prague Travel Guide - Best of Prague - 3 Day Itinerary
  73. Prague Travel Guide - Prague Beer Pilgrimage
  74. Puglia Travel Guide - Landscape, Food, & Trulli: 1 Week in Puglia, the Valle d’Itria, and Matera
  75. Rome Travel Guide - A 3 Day Tour Around Ancient Rome
  76. Rome Travel Guide - Discover Rome’s Layers: A 3 Day Walking Tour
  77. Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) Travel Guide - 3-Day Beyond the Guidebook Itinerary
  78. Saint Petersburg Travel Guide - St Petersburg in Three Days
  79. San Francisco Travel Guide - 2-Day Highlights Itinerary
  80. Santorini Travel Guide - Santorini, Greece in 3 Days: Living like a Local
  81. São Paulo Travel Guide - Sights and Sounds of Sao Paulo - 3-Day Itinerary
  82. Seoul, South Korea Travel Guide - 3-Day Itinerary
  83. Seoul Travel Guide - Weird Seoul - 3 Days of Oddball Destinations with a BONUS Day Trip Out of Seoul
  84. Sevilla Travel Guide - Two Day Tour in Sunny Sevilla, Spain
  85. Shanghai Travel Guide - 2 Days in Shanghai: A Budget-Conscious Peek at Modern China
  86. Siena Travel Guide - See Siena in a Day
  87. Singapore Travel Guide - 3 Fun-Filled Days on this Tiny Island
  88. Singapore Travel Guide - The Affordable Side of Singapore: A 4-Day Itinerary
  89. South Korea Travel Guide - 7 days of the weirdest destinations the country has to offer
  90. Sydney, Australia Travel Guide - 3-Day *Best-Of* Itinerary
  91. Tangier Travel Guide - One Day In Africa - A Guide to Tangier
  92. Tbilisi Travel Guide - Weekend Break: Crown Jewel of the Caucasus
  93. Tokyo Travel Guide - 3-Day Highlights Itinerary
  94. Toronto Travel Guide - The Best of Toronto 2-Day Itinerary
  95. Toronto Travel Guide - A Multicultural Retreat (3-day itinerary)
  96. Tucson Travel Guide: 3 Days at the Intersection of Mexico, Native America & the Old West 
  97. Utrecht Travel Guide - Two day tour of Utrecht: the smaller, less touristy Amsterdam!
  98. Washington DC Travel Guide - DC in 4 Days Itinerary
  99. Wellington Travel Guide - The Best of Wellington: 3 Day Itinerary
  100. Zagreb Travel Guide - Zagreb For Art Lovers: A Three-Day Itinerary

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