Top 8 Things we promise NOT to do back at home

by Sharon -- September 14, 2010

Upon our arrival back home (San Francisco or Sacramento, both are home to us) Jason and I will have spent approximately 355 straight days in Asia at each others’ side.  In this case, when I say “days”, I literally mean almost 24 hours per day and most definitely 7 days every week.

In a nutshell, spending that much time together while traveling has had its side effects.  We have been almost the only friends to each other for a year, so there are bound to be some inside jokes and habits that have developed that might prove to be obnoxious to the outsider.

Here are a list of things that Jason and I promise NOT to do when we come home:

  1. We promise NOT to complain about how expensive everything is in the States.  We will bite our tongues when the phrase “WELLL, back in Vietnam this would be a FRACTION of the price!!” comes to our minds as our eyes meander through the menu at dinner.
  2. We promise NOT to be cheap and to tip our servers at restaurants.  Asia has spoiled us in the fact that tipping is non-existent.  We’ve been growing accustomed to this habit, so we will force ourselves to quickly adapt back to our mainland ways.
  3. We (Jason) promise NOT to constantly mention how annoying it is that people aren’t saying hello to us everywhere we go.  As you can imagine, Jason was quite the circus act in many places in Asia, especially China.  If you ask him he won’t lie, he got quite the big head from all of the stares, giddy smiles, hellos and pictures taken of himself.  I warned him that he will no longer be the celebrity of California.  He promises not to sulk.
  4. We promise NOT to excessively peer over at each other and giggle to ourselves while saying “you remember that??” while in the company of friends.  We know how obnoxious inside jokes can be when you’re on the outside.  Like I said before, we have been practically each other’s only friends for a YEAR, so we are aware of how many stupid inside jokes we have.  We’ll try our very best to tune it down for your sake, although you can’t really blame us if it’s just a really awesome joke.
  5. We promise NOT to say the following phrase every 5 minutes: “OMG this totally reminds me of when ____ happened on our trip!!”
  6. We absolutely, indefinitely, REALLY promise NOT to make anyone sit through an awful slideshow of all 7,000+ photos of our trip.  We wouldn’t want to sit through anyone’s Trilobite dinosaur slides, no matter how exciting it may be to the creator, so we’ll refrain until specifically asked.
  7. We promise NOT to complain about how non-existent the subway system is in California and how awesome they are in Asia.  Along those lines, we also promise not to mention how weird it is to be driving again.
  8. We promise NOT to constantly whine about how early everything closes, especially bars.  We frequently found ourselves up until 5am or 6am in Korea without even realizing how late (early) it was, and then we found ourselves eating at one of the many restaurants open at 5am.  In our 1:30am stupor, we promise to only be happy and tired.

These are the only things we can think of for now, but if you have any suggestions, please feel free to warn us now rather than later.  What would you like us to refrain from doing when you see us back at home?   You wouldn’t want to be on the other end of these as they happen over and over again…

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8 Responses to “Top 8 Things we promise NOT to do back at home”

  1. 1.. I want to see a slideshow, WITH commentary. I have probably looked at every picture like a teenage girl would for Leo. But I would like to see them again with you guys :) Im soooooo excited to hear more about it! and… btw… you guys are welcome to do this in SEATTLE. We do it, as annoying as it maybe, to the difference between washington and california. Oh, and I may need you to drive my car at some point, so I may get the pleasure of hearing you say how wierd driving is :)

    2. 11 days!
    3. I can’t wait!
    4. It was very considerate of you both to think about all these thingS! did you get these as tips from other travlers?

  2. I have loved reading your blogs. Your observations were so funny! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences - I have learned a lot!

  3. If you can stick to this list, you guys deserve a medal! It’s really hard not to let a “oh, you can get awesome curry on the streets of Bangkok for $1″ when out at a Thai restaurant with friends.

    On a more serious note, we find that some friends and family back home are interested in our travels and other really aren’t. So, we tend to ask questions about their lives (kids, jobs, hobbies, etc.). If a person is interested, he’ll ask some specific questions related to your travels…then you can feel free to break all of these rules!

  4. COME HOME!!!!!

  5. This is too funny!!! The stories though, they are going to last a lifetime…

  6. Holly- are you SURE you want to see all 7,000 of our pictures?? It may take a full day and a lot of coffee..

    Krista- Thanks for reading! My observations tend to be the more ridiculous ones, so they usually end up being funny by default :)

    Audrey- I’m positive I’ll slip up and mention how cheap things were in Thailand as you said! It’s hard not to, but we’ll try our best! If people specifically ask us about things, of course we’d love to tell stories and show pictures.

    Les- ALMOST! Just a few short weeks and we’re home. Can’t wait to see you!

    Jaime- Absolutely. I am stoked that we have all of these stories that we can tell our kids someday. Thanks for reading!

  7. Sounds like some good goals - but the bigger question is one I’ve not seen an answer for:

    What are you doing next?

  8. Haha. Good question! This is something we’re still figuring out. Current things we’re exploring (in no particular order) — 1) Back to Korea to teach 2) Working on a cruise ship 3) Staying in San Francisco and focusing on UnAnchor.

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