Semi Update: We are homeless!

by Sharon -- December 9, 2010

Since we’ve been back, one of the most frequently asked questions we get is “so where are you living now?”  Just like most things since we’ve been back, we answer with a long, drawn out “well…..”  The reason for this is quite comical; we don’t have a home.

I started applying to teach in Korea over two months ago, and since we figured that we would most likely go back to South Korea for a year in late February, we haven’t really taken the time and put in any effort to find an apartment of our own.  It would most likely be very difficult to find a place to rent for only 3-4 months and the cost of rent in San Francisco would look extremely hideous in our bank account which seems to rapidly disappear and hasn’t replenished itself in over a year.  We could technically live at our parents’ homes in Sacramento, but that just doesn’t really appeal to us.

We have multiple friends in San Francisco who have an extra room/air mattress that allow us to stay when we’re in need (which is every night).  Basically, our friends share custody of us  “kids”.  We’re lucky enough to have some amazing friends and family who welcome two homeless people into their homes regularly.

It’s an interesting thing, practically being a transient in your own home.  We are back to where we have lived our whole lives and yet we have no car or home.  When we quit our jobs, sold our cars and furniture to travel, it was tough to think ahead and plan out all of the details for when we would come back. The reality is we had no idea how long we would be back and what our plans would be.  The circumstances of our return home were unknown.  Talk about being some serious vagabonds!

Speaking of plans, if anyone has ever applied to the EPIK program in Korea, you’ll know how tedious and long the process is.  I’m going to have to wait until January to know whether or not I got the job and where I get placed… !!!!!

Random Thought of the Day: We are in Pennsylvania right now… The east coast is FREEZING!  I’m sure this is news to everyone.  You’re welcome.

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6 Responses to “Semi Update: We are homeless!”

  1. Come up to Boston and visit me!

  2. Cute picture!!!! I love them both and you both!!! Cant wait to see you soon!!! ya know, when you go back to korea, if you fly out of seattle, you can stay with us!!! Your room is waiting for you!

  3. Sharon, you can write an e-book on how to become an English teacher in South Korea. I think that many people would be interested in buying it.

  4. Britt — Come to NYC and visit us!

  5. Seriously Britt- we’ll be in NYC for the next few days (I think). Come hang out!

    Holly- We are probably going to have a “honeymoon” before we would be going to Korea, so we’ll let you know where we end up going! Perhaps Seattle… :)

    Marcin- That’s not a bad idea. I would assume that the process confuses most people, and the recruiting companies are helpful but there are so many different documents to sort through to find out what comes next. I’ll let you know if I start that!

  6. Well, you can’t borrow my floor until after you get back to Korea… But if you need it it’ll be there :)

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