Sharing Some of My Favorite Links From Around The Web III

by Jason -- December 20, 2010

After a 2+ week trip through Florida, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York, Sharon and I are back in the Bay Area. It’s good to be “home”. Today’s post is a collection of great links I’ve come across lately. Enjoy!

Entrepreneurial/Business Links

How To Hire an Amazing Customer Support Person off Craigslist - I’m a sucker for tactical posts and this is a great one on hiring.

Peter Thiel’s Thoughts on Tech Entrepreneurship - Notes from a talk Peter Thiel gave a few weeks ago. There are some very interesting points  - comparing the consolidation of the car industry to the Internet, how the CEO’s salary is a good predictor of the company’s success, and why he says not to start a web company.

14 Reasons Why You Need To Start a Startup - A great post about the nicer side of starting a company.

Do More Faster” by David Cohen & Brad Feld - This is actually a book. I’m only half-way through, but this book is already changing the way I work. For anyone interested in starting a company (particularly a web company), it’s a must read. (Affiliate link)

Travel Links

Nomad Courier – This is a relatively new site that I’m a member of that was started by Jenneil from HelloMeetWorld. The concept is simple – there are 7 nomads and each day a new “postcard” from their travels is posted. She was kind enough to include me as one of the seven nomads. It’s a fun idea and you get to see some awesome photography.

Translating Camera App (Video embedded below) – I could have used this app one year ago for every Asian language! Check out the video to see what I’m talking about:

Random thought – when technology solves the language barrier problem (which it will), will traveling lose some of its lure?

Crash! Boom! Bang! How to Fall Off Your Motorbike Ungracefully – A fun and funny article that reminded me of Sharon and my adventures renting motorbikes.


10 Things that are banned in San Francisco – San Francisco remains one of my favorite cities in the world.  This top 10 list is a good indication of the culture that I love so much.

Kim Jong-Il Looking At Things – I think the title says it all. The novelty will quickly wear off on this one, but it’s a hilarious concept for a site. A new picture is posted every day.

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3 Responses to “Sharing Some of My Favorite Links From Around The Web III”

  1. Thanks for the fun & useful links. And thanks for featuring Nomad Courier.

    I need your advice though… Where in SE Asia should I go on my lonesome. I priced SK but it’s 500 from BKK & req advanced visa.

    So, with that said… Would you guys recommend Laos, Cambodia or Indonesia? Or, heck someplace else?

  2. Hi Jenneil,

    Of course. I was surprised I never mentioned Nomad Courier, I guess I need to do these posts a little more often.

    SK shouldn’t require an advanced visa. You should just be able to get a 90-day visa on arrival.

    I would definitely recommend Cambodia. Seeing the Angkor temples in Siem Reap was one of the coolest things we did on our trip, and it’s really easy to get to Cambodia from Thailand, you can just take the bus. There’s plenty to explore in Cambodia, but you could easily head to Laos or Vietnam via bus from there.


  3. Thx for the recommendation. Leaning toward a flight to Cambodia so I can re-enter Thailand for another 30 days. Flight to SK is out of my budget this time :(

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