Thoughts on Being a Blogger & The Plan for Life After Cubes

by Jason -- May 9, 2011

Having a blog is a funny thing. At the beginning, it’s really exciting. You’ve got a thousand post ideas, funny stories, and great pictures to share so you start writing. Then, you get your first comment – things are even more exciting! But then, things start to slip. You miss a week. So you apologize and vow never to miss a week again! But, it happens again. You see this pattern time and time again with blogs.

When I started Life After Cubes I vowed to not let this happen. In today’s post I’m going to outline our plan for this blog and I’ll also tell you a little about our new Unanchor Blog.

The Beginning

Going way back to the beginning of Life After Cubes (LAC), we started with a plan to simply provide pictures, stories and updates of our travels for our friends and family. Along the way, we got a little publicity and readership started to grow. We got pretty serious about it, set up a schedule and posted twice-a-week consistently. We even got sponsors for the blog and earned a little money (very little money).

Since our year-long trip has ended, though, I’ve struggled to figure out what exactly to do with the blog. We have entrepreneur interviews, mixed in with personal updates,and occasional technical posts – we were all over the place.

In addition to that, we were consistently missing our blogging schedule.

Like I initally mentioned, having a blog is a funny thing — I would genuinely feel guilty when we hadn’t posted for a couple weeks. It sometimes felt as if the blog was running me.

Quick side example: Our decision to go to West Sumatra, Indonesia last August was partly motivated by the fact that we’d have good stories to write on this blog. Doesn’t that seem ridiculous?

The Unanchor Blog

A few months ago I decided to start another blog for my startup, Unanchor. In no particular order, we would cover:

  • Entrepreneur interviews
  • Travel tips
  • Destinations
  • Unanchor site updates
  • Travel writer tips & information

In other words, it would be a pretty general travel blog. With this decision made, I knew having two blogs weighing on my conscience wasn’t going to be fun. So, I had decided to shut down Life After Cubes. This way, I would have made a conscious decision to stop blogging rather than a decision through inaction. After some consideration though, I came up with a new plan and decided against shutting it down…

The LAC Plan – Occasional Personal Updates & Links to Our Other Work

The plan with the blog is that there isn’t going to be one. I’ve decided against shutting it down, as it’s a nice outlet for discussing personal things, but we’re also not going to hold ourselves to any sort of posting schedule.

So what’s the point of this whole post? To ease my conscience. Now, if I miss an entire month on Life After Cubes I won’t feel guilty and that was my primary goal if I shut down the blog.

We’ll be posting personal updates about life in Korea, any travel plans, occasional interviews as we come across interesting people and stories, and we’ll publicize some of our other work.

A Few Recent Links

Thanks for sitting through the rambling. Here is some of our most recent work —

What to pack for a long-term or RTW trip – These were fun to write and also a couple of our most popular blog posts ever written. We now have a male and female edition.

Interview with Lonely Planet co-founder, Tony Wheeler – This was a really fun interview and I’m proud of how it turned out. We discuss how he started the world’s largest travel guidebook company, what it was like to sell the company for over $200 million dollars and I ask for his advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and travel writers.

Eight Honest Tips for Travel Entrepreneurs and Their Startups – I recently wrote my first guest article over at Tnooz. It’s based on my Jim Hornthal interview.

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  1. I’ll be looking forward to posts about your parents’ reaction to life in Korea. I’m sure it will be very interesting and fun.

  2. Good to know. thanks

  3. Hi Carmen,

    Yeah, I’ll try my best to do a post about their trip, hopefully it will make for an interesting story!


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