Travel: Vietnam

This stuff just doesn’t happen in America

by Sharon

December 23rd marks one of my favorite days of our entire trip.  Jason and I were in a lovely beach town called Nha Trang where we took an amazing boat tour for my birthday.  In the interest of not boring you to death, here are some highlights of the trip:  Jason finally, FINALLY got to […]

Stuff People Wear in Asia

by Sharon

One thing I do very well as a traveler is observe the way people dress in different countries.  There is nothing more entertaining for me than to examine the area for interesting fashion choices; by interesting, I mean a woman doing manual labor in clear stripper heels or a man wearing a shirt that says […]

Rock the Cat Ba (Island), Vietnam

by Sharon

Good morning, Vietnam!  (That one was for you, Burns). China and Vietnam seem to be two very different animals.  To put it simply, China is a freakishly large country, so the amount of travelers in any given city in China is going to be much smaller due to the fact that they are so spread […]

Good Morning Vietnam! - An Itinerary Update

by Jason

Greetings from the 3rd country on our trip, Vietnam. We are currently in Hanoi, staying at possibly the nicest hostel we’ve stayed during our trip, The Hanoi Guesthouse. I’d like to use this post to give an update of our itinerary, as our plans continue to change. We left China with one “crazy week” of […]