Why Asia?

by Sharon

One of the first questions people ask me when I tell them about this trip is “why Asia?”.  My reply is usually something along the lines of “why not Asia?” or “because my family is from there”.  While they are both major factors in our decision to choose Asia, I think the main reason is […]

How to sell books on Amazon and make some cash!

by Jason

This past summer I looked for ways to make money…to begin enabling my Life After Cubes. One of my more successful ventures was to sell back old textbooks on Amazon. I started with my old textbooks and was amazed at how easy and how fast they sold on Amazon (No, I don’t work for Amazon […]

Savings? What savings?

by Sharon

Today we received our backpacks in the mail courtesy of Jason Lucash. (Thanks again, Iguanadon!)  Today I also called my optometrist and picked up my year’s supply of contact lenses.  Yesterday I even called my pharmacy and attempted to pick up my prescription of another medication but thanks to the dump that the economy took, […]

To Do List Update #1

by Jason

The to do list is coming along well, we’re slowly but surely whittling it down. Here’s an update: Things to buy Netbook - After numerous hours of research, Sharon and I have finally purchased our netbooks. We went with Asus Eee 1005ha-V. They have over 8 hours of battery and we were able to get […]

What was my Inspiration for the trip?

by Jason”

I was recently thinking about what inspired me to want to go on the upcoming trip. The answer to this question is honestly a ton of different reasons, but there are a couple of inspirational moments that really stand out. My friend Morgan moved to South America for a year a while back. I visited him […]

How do you say “Faux-hawk” in Cambodian?

by Jason

With 6 weeks left to go, I’ve been thinking a lot about the little things that I will encounter for the upcoming trip. Getting my first haircut where my stylist doesn’t speak English should be an interesting experience. I’ll need to look up “faux-hawk”, “scissor cut” and “fade”. The easiest way around this would probably […]

Yi ge ping guo!!!

by Sharon

With less than 2 months left, I find myself alternating between feeling thrilled and terrified!  Here are a few thoughts that have become regulars in my head: 1.       I consider myself fairly low maintenance, but I am also a minor germophobe.  That being said, the thought of having to squat and “go to the bathroom” […]

Our Itinerary!

by Jason

I have a shocking announcement to make…are you sitting down? I’m sure you are…most people don’t read the computer standing up. My announcement: I plan on creating practically no itinerary for our trip! This is the exact opposite of how I tend to do things in my life. However, I could not be more excited […]

It’s not a diet, it’s my LifeAfterCubes Part II

by Jason

Writing on-location from gorgeous Graeagle, California, which is just outside of Tahoe. I’ve got golf, golf and more golf on the agenda for the weekend. After a little bit of work in the morning, I’m excited to get that started. Last time I wrote about what Life After Cubes means to me and I wanted […]

Yes, it’s a real cubic zirco.. I mean diamond.

by Sharon

An interesting topic came up today while I was on the phone with my mother.  An avid fan of Korean television, Yeong Sook Duckworth brought up the issue of lawful conduct within new cultures.  Apparently she had seen an interesting (and alarming) episode of a reality television show in which international students who study abroad […]